*Business Systems Consultant 3

Location: Bismarck, ND
Date Posted: 03-14-2019
Individuals will be responsible for analyzing key systems and processes in the two areas above to understand and map current state and work with the teams to improve processes through their application of their Lean Six Sigma or Theory of Constraints knowledge and experience.
  • Conduct root cause analysis to determine metrics, troubleshoot and document service/ business operations issues and build workflow, capacity, and future state process designs.
  • Typical improvement activity results in improved citizen experience, productivity, safety, quality, and cost reductions.
  • Facilitates specific assigned efforts for improvement process through the use of business process techniques and tools such as Kaizen, 5S, Five Whys, Affinity Diagramming, Control Charts, Decision Trees, Pareto Charts, SIPOC, Kanban/Work In Process (WIP), Value Stream Mapping, Market Constraint identification, etc.
  • Establish metrics to monitor financial savings as compared to established goals and targets.
  • Contribute to development of training programs that educate teammates about process improvement concepts that lead to the identification, development, and implementation of improvements.
  • Potentially may help deliver training for process improvement.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, Project Management, Industrial Engineering or related
  • Required certification for Green Belt or higher in Lean Six Sigma or certified training in Theory of Constraints
  • Business process improvement work experience that involves business process analysis, general business analysis using continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Lean6 or Theory of Constraints.  Preferred in service, health or public sector.
  • Independent, self-starter who is experienced in consulting and communicating with clients to elicit current process and guide toward new process
  • Experience with visual process mapping tools, WIP boards, Minitab or other tools that facilitate analysis of information about the process.
Bismarck, ND
Remote candidates considered for this position, but must be able to travel to Bismarck, ND occasionally on request to participate in face-to-face working sessions.

Who We Are

We are a software company that strives to build relationships through the delivery of software and solutions.  Agile software development is at the heart of "how we work", which allows us to bring people together for strong collaboration and problem solving.

What We Do

We provide enterprise-level agile coaching and development services.  The Da Vinci Agile Coaching model is built on four pillars that ensure successful adoption and scale across an organization. The enterprise framework we have built supports this foundation through recognition of, and integration with, legacy processes.
We passionately believe "how we work" is the intangible our developers demonstrate for our clients every day.  Our high-performing team members provide leadership and chemistry on your teams. We provide architects, developers and testers that enjoy accountability, team success and delivering meaningful products.
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